About Good News Corps

The Good News Corps is an IYF overseas volunteering initiative that develops a true global mindset in the next generation’s leaders.

Good News Corps (GNC) is a unique opportunity for tertiary students and the youth to travel abroad and directly engage in all aspects of foreign culture: language, cuisine, music, architecture, education, sports, and traditional performance. By offering the opportunity to deeply engage in native life and acquire international skill, it seeks to train and cultivate global persons of talent who have acquired international knowledge by sharing, volunteering and experiencing cultures overseas.

It started with 14 young people who took the challenge. The first GNC volunteers were dispatched in 2002 and returned a year later with amazing testimonials from living among natives, connecting with them heart-to-heart, and seeing parts of the world they never knew existed. GNC now dispatches volunteers from all over the world. These volunteers travel to and from Africa, Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Oceania.

Since 2002, nearly 5,723 volunteers have been dispatched from 87 countries. In all over 250,000 volunteers have benefited from this experience in various ways to better the lives of the natives of these countries. Close to 50 Ghanaian youth have also been dispatched across the world since 2007.

Main Activities:

  • Community service including housing improvements project, medical support, sanitation campaign etc
  • Education: IT, Taekwondo, Dance, Music
  • Teaching and learning local language and culture including English, Korean, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, German
  • Mission overseas, tourism, moneyless trips

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