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The Youth all over the world have been acknowledged as an important human resource with the potential to contribute significantly to national development and therefore must be accorded such recognition and be involved in national development by government and other stakeholders. The IYF has found a natural resource that out values Gold per ounce, is more marketable than Cocoa and has more future potential than Ghanaian petroleum (black gold) found offshore, it is the human resource, the youth of the Republic of Ghana. It is the prime objective of International Youth Fellowship (IYF) to positively develop this resource to its fullest potential through the programs of International Youth Fellowship in Ghana and the West African Sub-Region. To achieve this purpose the International Youth Fellowship will engage prospective stakeholders who share in this worldwide vision. Through proprietary programs, events, and practical opportunities. The IYF strives to: Advance Christian mission work in developed and developing countries Administer alternative methods of post-secondary education Create international awareness and cultural exchange Promote the value of meaningful performing arts Facilitate short-term and long-term volunteerism domestically and overseas Develop leadership skills that are applied on a global level You can join us as we work to make the World a better place to live, share and cherish with everyone else.

Through Our Core Values


IYF believes that there should be a mindset that challenges our circumstances, preconcieved notions, narrow-mindedness and our physical, mental & spiritual limitations.


We are focused on changing our environment and the soceity through a different set of thinking.Once the heart is truly changed, the world will experience that change as well


People of diverse cultures & values can work together is they’re able to understand and embrace their differences. IYF makes it possible for individuals to have heart-to-heart connection with others.

The IYF Wants To

To promote cohesion
To make education for all
To raise a selfless youth

Our Leaders