Benefits of Volunteering with Good News Corps (GNC)

The most inevitable and constant element thing in life is change.

Even the most ‘difficult’ person, be it drug addicts, mafia or any other socially excluded persons are able to receive tremendous change to become transformational leaders in their home countries and abroad. Our volunteers experience so much change during the period of their volunteerism.

Mission Work
Includes spiritual counseling, community outreach, sunday school teaching, and mission journey to remote locations. Environmental preservation volunteers help promote energy conservation, waste management, sustainable land use, and tree planting. Our hope is that people are positively affected by the standards set by GNC volunteers.

Language Studies
Language has the power to not only communicate ideas, but a person’s hopes and dreams. GNC volunteers gain proficiency in their host nation’s language through full cultural immersion.

Translation / Interpretation
GNC has served major events such as the 2002 World Cup and the 2005 APEC Summit. GNC volunteers have become true global ambassadors.

Continuing Education
GNC volunteers enrich their host countries by teaching different subjects, utilizing their personal passions and skill sets.

Youth Outreach
GNC volunteers address youth delinquency by becoming positive role models for other youths. Volunteers serve as group counselors and program managers for IYF events.

Cultural Exchange/Netwroking
Good News Corps is a great way to experience foreign cultures and share one’s own. Volunteers present their findings through exhibitions, dances, songs, personal testimonials, and “true story” play productions.

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