The International Youth Fellowship with a vision for intercultural cohesion organized a multi-cultural festival dubbed CHINA-GHANA CULTURAL FESTIVAL, on the 23rd November 2019.

This event, with the aim of exchanging and unity cultures from both countries, brought to life a very colorful and unforgettable night of joy, happiness and a heartwarming experience through entertainment and education.

This program brought together hospitable Ghanaians as well as members of the Chinese community in Ghana. Attendees of the program were astonished to see Ghanaians sing native Chinese songs and perform folk dances from China as well as Chinese folks part take in Ghanaian cultural activities.

This event saw representatives from a lot of, high-level institutions who were amazed to see such a program being organized by youth from the International Youth Fellow.

A representative from the Ministry of Art and cultural, Dr. Akousah Abdullah, in her speech mention, that, there is a need for unity amongst nations to facilitate trade and tourism and congratulated the International Youth Fellowship for such an effort and the good work done.

Truly there is beauty in Cohesion when we share and exchange our hearts and lives with others, there is a lot we can accomplish together. IYF, bringing joy and hope through friendship and cohesion.

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