Day 2 of The 2016 IYF World Youth- GHANA

The 2016 IYF World Youth Camp becomes progressively enlightening and interesting right from morning to evening. The 2nd day’s event started with motivational words that sparked hope in the heart of the participants at the morning section. The lecture was delivered by Rev. Young Sung on the topic, “The Importance of Mind Education to the Individual.”

Indeed, Mind Education is very important to everybody in his/her lifetime on earth. Aristotle ones said and I quote, “Without Mind Education, education is useless or meaningless; it develops positive attitudes of the individual towards achieving greater heights.” The mind lecturer emphasized the urgent need to strengthen transnational cooperation and intergenerational solidarity with the youth of the world starting from this generation. There were series of Mind Education lectures that articulated the need to reshape a new world of reformation for solidarity and citizenship to combat poverty, marginalization, and despair.

“Optimism and confidence do not lead to the minimization of the challenges ahead. Most young people live today in the least developed countries yet; they shoulder the heaviest burden of conflicts and poverty. There can be no sustainable developments if we remain on the sidelines. It is incumbent on all Member States and partners to support youth initiatives to give them the voice and to let them grow to reshape the future and the dignity that we are building for tomorrow in unity.” (Rev. Young Sung – Mind Education Specialist: South Korea)

As a responsibility on the International Youth Fellowship to create awareness on good health for all, Dr. Sunu David (a medical doctor at URGENT CARE HOSPITAL), was invited to enlighten the participants on hepatitis B; the precautions to be taken for the prevention of the disease and other relevant issues. He made it very clear that ones a person contracts the disease, there is no sure way to eliminate it hence, he admonished that proper care and attention is given to our health lives.

“Although vaccinations are available, they are not meant to cure the disease; they only produce more antibodies in the human system to fight the disease”, he said. In his concluding message, he emphasized that participants who are not in the known of their status should as a matter of urgency, visit their stands to check and as well, take vaccination against the deadly disease.

As part of the program, participants are supposed to tour some places of interest in and around the capital city of Ghana, Accra. The tour is meant to give some sort of relief to participants to have a feel of the natural and artificial environments. This, IYF believes will put joy on their faces as well as build their lives through socialization. Indeed, they had fun enough.

The day ended with the last Mind Education lecture by the guest speaker, Rev. Ock Soo Park, a celebrated minister whose heart is geared towards youth developments, the founder of IYF, Gracias Choir, IMEI (International Mind Education Institute) and Good News Mission church…

In his address to the over 3000 youth gathered at the Athletic Oval on the University of Ghana – Legon campus, he held the view that a person will behave almost the same way as his mentor: the actions and inactions of a person are largely dependent on the kind of mentor one chooses hence, he admonished that as youth, and the future leaders of our respective countries, we should have the right mentorship to foster better growth of disciplined attitudes and orientation. He added that the human mind and heart do not grow old but it is the human body which does. He said this to mean that without the mind and heart connecting to our mentors; there can barely be progress and developments in our lives.

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