IYF Membership Training


Long stood I in isolation and heavily burdened traumas. I didn’t know what to do and how to go about what I wanted to do.
It felt that I was hugely deserted from the race of existence. My cries became this deep and I wept within me from time to time.

At times, situations seemed changed but they actually had not changed. They were just same problems resurfacing from time to time. Good as it may seem, I read my Bible and prayed and yet, things did not seem to change. It was not so long when I met a foreign volunteer who explained his experiences to me.
I asked deeper into his motivation for such a good will travel across seas and there, I was introduced to the IYF Recreational and Membership Training.

This was held at the Pram-Pram Comme-ci Beach Resort. My participation is what has transformed me today; the stiff academic environment had an enormous negative toll on me.

The last time, I attended the KOREAN academy where I learnt the language. This time, I will go for CHINESE. You may enjoy SPANISH, FRENCH or THAI. Maybe you will prefer LEATHER WORKS (how to design your footwear and bags), LIQUID SOAP MAKING or MUSIC – all these in 3 days including special Bible discussions with critical theologians.

Make a date with me this 3rd – 6th March @ Pram-pram Comme-ci Beach Resort for yet another transformational Recreation and let’s continue the story from there.

I can’t wait to enjoy the Sandy shores of the deep blue Sea.

(Things to bring: notepad, pen, blanket, sports wear, swimming costume, descent wears, etc)