GoodNews Corp Festival 2020

The Good News Corps (GNC) festival is a Multicultural Dance event set to sensitize audience of the spirit of voluntarism and selflessness. Through this Dance festival, volunteers of the GoodNews Corps have dedicated their time and energy to rehearse dances to gift a wowing impression to their audience.

The GNC Festival includes exciting Performances of Righteous Star Dances, Cultural Dances, Musical and Mind Training, which all come together to make a well-rounded experience. The Good news Corps is poised to dispatch Thousands of volunteers globally to its affiliates to serve as volunteers.

As GNC is a cultural exchange program designed for the youth to partake in voluntarism. Through this cultural exchange program, volunteers will meet new people, experience different cultures, learn through exchanges, experience a new mindset, and many others.

Venue: IYF Center, Community 12, Tema
Date: Thurs. 27th Feb 2020
Time: 6:30 PM GMT

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