It’s Finally Here -2016 IYF World Youth Camp

The much-anticipated youth program, IYF WORLD YOUTH CAMP, kicked start on 31st July, 2016 which fell on Sunday. The event was supposed to bring together youth across the continent and the boarders of the sub-Saharan countries to instill in them a positive change of heart and to give them the power to physically and mentally control their emotions in an intelligent way through mental engagements. Participants had started trooping in at the event’s arena, the University of Ghana, Legon Campus with joy and many expectations especially for people who were joining the IYF World Youth Camp for the first time. As usual, the euphoria of the program had begun mounting as volunteers of the International Youth Fellowship assisted by the Asoriba (a Christian Technology Company) personnel, started welcoming participants through the registration exercise. Three centers were set up for the registration exercise: Sarbah Hall, Akuafo Hall and Legon Hall.  As at 6pm, a lot more participants arrived from South Korea, Germany, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Benin, Togo, and many other countries including youth and students from all ten regions of Ghana. Mr. Tetteh Frederick, the PRO of the IYF-Ghana, had an orientation for the participants, to spell out the program’s schedule to them. He did this in conjunction with Rev. Ato Edwin, the general secretary of IYF-Ghana.


Participants were met with the soothing moments of the evening program ranging from praises and worship, performances from The Righteous Stars (a dance group of the IYF-Ghana) through to the marvelous performances of the Asempa Choir until tempers were calmed by the Mind Lecturer.

The lecturer engaged participants with the first mind lecture with much emphasis on the area of youth development and how one can be developed. He added that true change comes when one opens his/her heart towards another. He said that the youth need to open their hearts up to their leaders, students to their teachers to foster the better engagements of leaders to followers for conflict resolution and harmony. His lecture was guided by a quotation from the Holy Bible, 2kings 5:1-7 and Isaiah 40:31 among personal experiences.

More photos for the first day found here

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