Transform the Mind
The IYF World Youth Camp is the most celebrated programme of the International Youth Fellowship. Since the year 2001, the world camp has been held annually every summer (around June to August) in many countries around the world. The eight (8) days programme brings together university and college students from within Africa and the World, creating a melting pot of networking, culture and diversity.

The corridors of Ghana played host to the most celebrated programme in the year 2008; where International Youth Fellowship-Ghana partnered the then Ministry of Manpower, Youth and Employment including the National Union of Ghana Students. With the involvement of these stakeholders and youth volunteers; the programme recorded over three thousand (3000) participants and ended successfully. The World Camps ever since; have only seen success and the National Youth Authority is considering making it a state function for the youth of the Republic of Ghana.

Last year’s, being the ninth edition in Ghana attracted over 5,500 attendants. The event was revamped to feature new programs such as Principals and College Lecturer’s Symposium, Pastors’ Symposium, Mind Lectures and Tomorrow’s Global Leaders Competition in Ghana.

The week-long event is focused on transforming thinkers into creators, through education and opportunities in technology, business, and design.