World Camp
The World Camp is a highlight event which brought over 3,470 attendants at the University of Ghana this year. Theme for the 2015 World Camp was “Meet the Future You” and it’s sole aim was to bring transformation, growth and radiance to the hearts and minds of college students.

It’s also held annually across the sub-region in Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin, Nigeria and over 40 other countries on the globe.

More on the World Camp here.

GNC Overseas Volunteering
The Good News Corps Overseas Volunteering program trains and sends college students throughout the world for voluntary work. IYF contributes to this by dispatching volunteers on short term and long term periods.

More on GNC here.

Gracias Choir Classical Music Concert
Gracias Choir tours around the world with Russian top-notch musicians and perform around 30 times annually, attracting tens of thousands in their audiences. This year, they were hosted in Ghana during the World Camp where they performed both local and international pieces to the delight of many.

IYF Campus Involvements
IYF actively engages students across the various campuses through club activities, where they mentor high school students, hold leadership workshops and language academies. Currently all public Universities in Ghana have IYF branches and over 30 tertiary institutions have members who run IYF-hosted events.

Good News Medical Volunteer (GNMV)
GNMV is an outreach program established to bring healthcare to the masses who cannot directly access them. Every year, the IYF partners with local and international healthcare experts to give free medical screening to the public.

It begun with 7 volunteers in 2008. In August, 2009, 105 volunteers were added; and in 2010, 256 volunteers treated around 22,000 patients.