Here are a few people sharing on how GNC has benefited them.

The Ghanaians I stayed with did what they could to refill the water bucket so we had enough to drink and wash with even if it meant giving up their own portions. I didn’t deserve this kind of care. Although I went to volunteer, I didn’t serve Ghana. It was Ghana that taught me true love and sacrifice.

– Glen Heil, GNC volunteer to Ghana from USA


In the land of Senegal, I discovered my ‘True Self’. I enjoyed the experience of my youth in a lifetime while I stayed with the wonderful people of Senegal whom I had not met before but their love and sacrifices for me was something I couldn’t erase from my heart until today.

– Vida Narh, GNC volunteer to Senegal from Ghana


You can have a look at the requirements you’d need to fulfil to apply for GNC volunteering here.